General Information


Adult - Low Season: R$ 87,50
Adult - High Season: R$ 109,50
Child (5-11 years): R$ 60,00
Elderly (over 60 years old living in Brazil): R$ 30,00
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Ticket Redial Policy::

Dear customer look at the conditions to REDIAL the Corcovado Train ticket:

Book in advance:
Seu embarque pode ser remarcado mediante o pagamento da taxa:
A ) - With less than 24 hours boarding: 30%
B) - With more than 24 hours in advance: 10%

REDIAL After the departure of the train
After the TRAIN departure your ticket can be rebooked for the next 30 days by paying the fine of 30% of the ticket value.

Remarks: There is no practice of reimbursement for cancellation reason, we only offer the possibility of REDIAL your ticket.

To REDIAL contact by phone:
0xx 11 4412.5454 is necessary to inform the Voucher Code and Social Security Number/Passport.


Shopping for groups and guide courtesy appointment:

By phone: call 0xx21 4063-3003 or 0800 774 5004

By mail: send an email stating the amount of tickets, day and time of visit to: suporte@ingressocomdesconto.com.br


High season:
01/01 to 03/02 (School Holidays)
22/02 to 26/02 (Carnival)
10/04 (Holy Week Holiday)
21/04 and 23/04 (Tiradentes and São Jorge)
01/05 (Labor Day Holiday)
11/06 and 12/06 (Corpus Christi Holiday)
01/07 to 31/07 (School Holidays)
07/09 (Independence Holiday of Brazil)
12/10 (Holiday. S. Aparecida)
02/11 (Finished)
15/11 (Proclamation of the Republic)
20/11 (Black Awareness Holiday)
14/12 to 31/12 (School Holidays)

Low Season:
Monday through Friday - excluding holidays.

* Please be advised that, as of February 6, 2016, the courtesies will be accepted at the box office of the Corcovado Train ONLY IF PRINTED AND CONTAINING BARCODE

Operating time:

Monday to Sunday, from 8 AM to 7 PM; trains departing every thirty minutes

* Operating hours subject to change with no previous notice in case of technical problems and/or under adverse weather conditions.

The tourist complex also has special elevators and equipped restrooms for people with disabilities.

General Informations:

Capacity: 345 passengers/hour
Speed Uphill: 15 km/h
Speed Downhill: 12 km/h
Train weight: 36,8t – (total train weight: engine + cars)

Trip length:

Approximately 20 minutes.

Ticket office opening hour – 8 AM
Ticket office closing hour – 7 PM

Payment Method:

Debit and credit cards accepted.
We don't accept checks.

Discounts are not be cumulative; valid only for Brazilians.

Code of Conduct:

Not allowed:

To leave children unattended, please stay alert during your tour for your own safety;
To remove plants, soil, rocks or any other material from the green areas;
To feed animals;
To set fire;
To leave your thrash;
To hunt;
To make shortcuts on the trails and to damage vegetation;
To carry fire arms or sharp objects;
To bring professional photographic or video cameras without marketing department's previous permission;
To destroy cultural heritage;
To play loud music;
To damage sign posts;
To bring animals;
To be half naked or wearing only a swimsuit;
To scratch rocks, trees, or any type of construction;
To take a bath at the train station's restrooms;

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